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Helping a starting cyclist to reach new heights

I met Simon during a cycling holiday in Tenerife where we immediately clicked. He's a really talkative person who is interested in you and who has some great sport stories. At some point, he asked me what my training plan looked like. Plan? Until then, my plan had always been to ride my usual routes and try to increase my average speed. It was clear that I could achieve way more by training smarter but frankly, I didn't know where to start.

Therefore, after coming home, we scheduled a video call to discuss my personal goals for the year, the type of rides I liked to do and my availability. Based on this input, Simon crafted a first personalised 4-week training plan including a benchmark test. Things were getting serious!

The training plan helped me to structure my week in terms of training intensity and to build my fitness and strength in a smart way. Having done a benchmark ride also meant that I began to pay more attention to key stats and Simon helped me to interpret these in the right way.

Following each training block I caught up with Simon in video calls to discuss the progress and to adjust the plan from time to time to either ease things up, diversify the rides or make it harder. This really helped to keep a plan - that was tough from time to time - interesting and challenging.

After following the structured training for about 4 months I was ready for my sporting highlight of the year: a cycling trip through the French Alps. I was totally ready for it; thanks to Simon's help I was not only super fit but also knew how to structure my fueling, what metrics to keep an eye on and how to plan my riding days.

Thanks to all this help and coaching I had an epic trip in which I was able to conquer no less than seven notorious HC Tour de France climbs!


When I started cycling, I realised that I had all kinds of things I wanted to achieve, but I had no idea how to get started and how to track my progress. I wanted to climb the Alpe d'Huez, but living in the very flat Netherlands, there is no mountain or even some hills to train on. I found myself pushing myself without any idea if it would help me to get better. Sometimes, it even felt like I was regressing instead of progressing.


Training with Simon's help has been great for me, because I now know what to do to keep getting better and why it helps me to get better. I find myself very motivated every week. Simon knows his stuff and is very enthusiastic.


Last summer, it was time to test where I stood in France. It was such a revelation! Not only did I conquer the Alpe d'Huez, I could also take on the Croix de Fer, Col d'Izoard and the Glandon. Amazing results and I can't wait to see what new challenges lie ahead (with Simon having my back - of course)!

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I had a single goal - increase my power output so I could go faster in time trials.
Simon from Crank Cycle Coaching has enabled me to do that with a structured training plan, his approach yields real improvements, tailored and tweaked along the way to achieve maximum results from my time limited training. With Simon's support I am expecting more PB's next season!