New to Cycling? A few things to consider when training.

Everyone starts in the same place. Although some fortunate individuals are natural born cyclists everyone has to work on their bike skills, even the Pros. There are no shortcuts to #cycletraining but here are some things to consider when you are just starting out.

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The first thing you need to think about as a #newcyclist is how often and how regularly you ride. If you dont #ride you wont get any better, its as simple as that.

You can use a diary to plan out your rides or workouts, but you will also need to consider your work and home commitments. Plan these in first then find suitable time slots to ride. Once you have a timetable you can ride every week on the same days at the same time schedule permitting. Just get out the door or head to the smart trainer when you have planned.


When starting out it is all too easy to over stretch yourself. 2-4 times a week is plenty when you are developing your fitness. Most riders base their workouts on a couple of shorter rides in the week with a longer "#Sundayride" at the weekend.


Maybe 30-60mins twice a week with a longer ride at the weekend around 1.5-2 hours. These should be easy/comfortable time or miles, not high intensity miles.

You need to build slowly so you dont pick up an injury or over train. A time increase of around 10% is a good figure to work with.


Set yourself some goals to keep you focused and motivated. It can be as basic as "I will ride 3 times a week for the next 4 weeks".

You may even want to enter an event, but this is where consistency and frequency become key factors in achieving your goal.


Collecting metrics or data about your riding may sound a bit serious but if you are going to improve you need to know where you started fitness wise and where you are now. This could be as simple as recording your time on the bike and monitoring the steady increase or mileage gain over the period. Whatever you record this is a great way to see how you are doing and how you are improving.

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