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Achieve your goals

with a personalised performance plan

Do you want to get fitter and stronger?

If so, then Crank Cycle Coaching is the perfect place for you. We offer a personalised training plan that will help you improve your performance. Simon and Stuart will design a tailored programme that fits in around your available training time and lifestyle.

Whatever your goals are we can help you achieve them with our expert coaching service. We have years of experience helping people like yourself reach their fitness potential and we know what it takes to get there. 


Let us take care of everything from designing a workout routine specifically for you, providing nutritional advice and even giving tips on how to stay motivated throughout the process! It’s never been easier than this before!


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What people say

"Thanks to all this help and coaching I had an epic trip in which I was able to conquer no less than seven notorious HC Tour de France climbs!"


"Training with Simon's help has been great for me, because I now know what to do to keep getting better and why it helps me to get better"


Simon  was able to build a package that was totally bespoke to my timing issues. Every session is maximised to offer best ‘bang for buck’ One other thing I wasn’t expecting was the guidance, mentorship and encouragement


 I  spoke to Simon  and we had a good chat about my options,  structured training since May of this year (2021) has put me back on track , regular contact and video chats about my progress  really help. 


Who we are

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Simon Steeles

Simon Steeles is a qualified ABCC coach, with over 20 years of racing experience in TT's and Triathlon. Having seen first- hand how personalised coaching can help riders realise their full potential, Simon founded Crank Cycle Coaching - a personalised coaching service that helps riders of all levels achieve their cycling goals.

As an experienced rider himself, Simon has the knowledge to help you reach your goals. His attention to detail will make sure you are getting the most out of every session while tailoring your programme to suit your needs.

ABCC Level 3

Stuart Reeves

Stuart Reeves is a coach at Crank Cycle Coaching, a personalised coaching service that helps riders of all levels achieve their cycling goals. With over 35 years of racing experience at local, national and international levels, Stuart provides coaching to help riders realise their full potential. Having taken part in most forms of cycling such as road racing, TT, MTB, Cyclo cross and track, the wealth of knowledge and experience,  As a result, his clients are able to achieve success to their expectations

ABCC Level 3


Our Experience, Our Passion

Simon and Stuart know that personalised coaching programmes are the best way for riders to reach their full potential. They have been racing for over 30 years, with all of these experiences under their belt they can offer you a plan designed just how you want it based on where we need more help! Whether Road Racing or Training towards Speed Events such as TT's we'll match what's right for YOU- because everyone deserves top class support no matter WHAT level racer

Crank Cycling Coaching builds the foundations for riders to be successful in their chosen area. They are qualified Level 3 ABCC coaches, and have the experience, knowledge, and passion to help riders at all levels realise their goals. Crank has coached at GCN Mallorca and supported charity events alongside other events and camps.

Get Stronger

 Our tailored plans will help develop your strength and power, giving you the boost you need to reach your goals. 



Our scientifically tailored plans will help increase your endurance and speed. Work with us to achieve your goals 



Feeling prepared is essential for any event, whether it's a race, or a sportive. 

 Get the specific training and nutritional advice you need to start at your best.  

 Ride 1:1 with a Coach and get expert advice and feedback to help you become a better cyclist.

Get Personal

Got a Question?

Take the guess work out of your training, book a free training Consultation

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