Crank Company cycle club

ABout our rides

We have answers to some of the questions you may want to ask. If we have missed anything, please get in touch and we will get back to you. 

How fast do we go

We average between 12-15 MPH and we have a no drop policy

What do i need

You need a road bike, a helmet, spares and some coffee money if you want one

How far do we go

We ride around 30-40 miles with a few bumps and of course we stop for coffee

What if i cant ride 30-40miles

We  run a Weds Lap ride that is focused on developing our riders endurance. It will get you stronger and into our main group

What if i cant
keep up

We never leave a comrade behind. Someone will ride with you till we get back home

What About my bike

You need a road bike thats well maintained and in full working order. We dont want any issues when we are a long way from home

Do i need to eat and Drink

Its essential to stay  hydrated when exercising and you need fuel to ride the distance. Always bring a drink (500ml at least) and some snacks/fuel to keep you going

Do i need Cleats

Ride however you want to. Some of our rides are Coach led so its a great way to get adivce and guidance

What you need for A rIDE

All items are linked to Wiggle but may be worth shopping around

Maintenance What do i need