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Bike Fitting

Getting you there Faster


Professional level bike fit for Road, MTB and Triathlon bikes.

This end to end process will include with posture, flexibility and key anatomical measurements, cleat location, seat height, seat fore and aft and handlebar positioning. This top level fit will 
utilise 360 motion capture and measurement.

2 - 3 Hours   £175

  • Customer interview

  • Posture, flexibility and key anatomical measurements.

  • power and cadence on a turbo trainer.

  • Dynamically measure key body angles and trajectories.

  • Assess upper body stability.

  • Optimise saddle height, set back and tilt.

  • Determine appropriate minimum hip angle.

  • Determine optimum crank length.

  • Optimise handlebar and TT / triathlon bar positions, recommend suitable handlebar width.

  • Optimise shifter location.

  • Measure forefoot posture, longitudinal arch and toe in/out.

  • Optimise cleat location.

  • Track lateral knee displacements and determine suitable shoe,shim, spacer or insole recommendations.

  • Investigate pedaling style opportunities to minimise strokedead spots'and improve efficiency.

  • Complete all feasible adjustments, torque check fixings and

  • conduct safety checks.

  • Recommend suitable stretching / strengthening exercises.

  • Report: Summary of recommendations, conclusions and key geometry. Sent by e-mail within 24 hours.

Additional Bike

1 - 1.5 Hours  £75

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