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Bike Fitting

Getting you there Faster

Everyone has the right to feel comfortable, confident, and in control on their bike, whether they are racing,  riding a sportive or purely for fun.

Your bike should be set up to help achieve your personal goals, maximising comfort, efficiency and power.

Although there are different theories to bike fit, we make individualised adjustments to the bike’s components with these riding goals in mind:

  • Enhancing overall rider comfort

  • Preventing injuries

  • Reducing or eliminating pain and numbness

  • Reducing or eliminating discomfort associated with riding

  • Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency

  • Improving overall performance on the bike



Professional level Cleat fit for Road, MTB and TT/Triathlon.

This process will include  key anatomical measurements and adjustments to optimise the location and integration of the cleat to the riders individual needs.



Professional level bike fit for Road, MTB and TT/Triathlon bikes.


This end to end process will include with Posture, flexibility and key anatomical measurements, cleat location, seat height, seat fore and aft and handlebar positioning. This top level fit will utilise 360 motion capture and measurement.

3D Aero.jfif


Professional level 3D Aero bike fit for Road and TT/Triathlon bikes.


This high tech fit will utilise 3D motion capture and measurement to predict CdA and identify improvements by reducing frontal area. It can even predict time savings over a set distance.

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