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Bike Fitting

Getting you there Faster

3D Aero

Professional level 3D Aero based bike fit for Road and TT/Triathlon bikes.

This high tech fit will utilise 3D motion capture and measurement to predict CdA and identify improvements by reducing frontal area. It can even predict time savings over a set distance.

3D Aero fit  includes  Posture, flexibility and key anatomical measurements, seat height, seat fore and aft and handlebar positioning.

3 Hours   £225

  • Customer interview

  • Posture, flexibility and key anatomical measurements.

  • power and cadence on a turbo trainer.

  • Dynamically measure key body angles and trajectories.

  • Assess upper body stability.

  • Optimise saddle height, set back and tilt.

  • Determine appropriate minimum hip angle.

  • Determine optimum crank length.

  • Optimise handlebar and TT / triathlon bar positions, 

  • Measure forefoot posture, longitudinal arch and toe in/out.

  • Optimise cleat location.

  • Track lateral knee displacements and determine suitable shoe,shim, spacer or insole recommendations.

  • Investigate pedaling style opportunities to minimise stroke dead spots and improve efficiency.

  • Complete all feasible adjustments, torque check fixings and

  • conduct safety checks.

  • Recommend suitable stretching / strengthening exercises.

  • Report: Summary of recommendations, conclusions and key geometry. Sent by e-mail within 24 hours.


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